Will DEFUS Fuel Injectors become an OBM in future?
OBM refers to own Brand Production, which means the manufacturer can establish its own brand and enjoy a whole completed and mature process of design, procurement, production, and sales. We have to admit that Guangzhou Super Matching Trading Co., Ltd. is still a small and medium-sized company, and at current stage, we are not ready to face such a challenge that needs lots of money and energy. We always require our staff to work with professional skills and earnest attitude to prepare to make something different in the future. And we have a strict system to inspect the quality of our product, so as to build our brand image and appeal to our potential customers. Thus, we have the ambition to become an OBM in the future.

Whenever people are in need of car injector, DEFUS is the first one that comes to their mind. DEFUS Fuel Injectors focuses on providing a variety of Audi automobile fuel injectors for customers. A variety of tests for DEFUS renault megane 1.5 dci injectors for sale have been conducted. These tests include inflammability/ fire resistance testing, as well as chemical testing for lead content in surface coatings. Super's fuel injector has a nozzle with good atomizing performance. With the help of professional team, DEFUS is devoted himself into offering the best service for clients. Coming with various types, Super's fuel injectors can be applied to 29 automobile brands.

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