Windows nt the category of the car Windows nt classification

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Windows nt the category of the car Windows nt classification, today ( ) Small make up to bring the car Windows nt the category of the car Windows nt classification of solutions, hope you can like it. Windows nt is the category of the glass elevator car door window glass lifting gear, main points of electric glass levelers and manual glass levelers two kinds big. Now, many of the car door and window glass lift generally convert button type electric hoist, using electric glass elevator. Cars with electric glass elevator is composed of motor, reducer, guide line, guide plate, glass installing bracket, etc. All main switch controlled by the driver, the opening of the door and window glass, and each separate shut door inside the handle by the occupant, respectively control the opening and closing door and window glass, the operation is very convenient. Windows nt classification arm type and soft type automobile window glass levelers divided from the structure, general can be divided into the arm type glass levelers and soft type glass elevator. Arm type glass elevator including single arm type glass levelers and arms type glass elevator. Soft type elevator including rope wheel glass elevator, belt type levelers and flexible shaft type glass levelers. Levelers its use glass arm type cantilever supporting structure and the gear tooth plate, so the working resistance. Its driving mechanism for the plate of the gear, the meshing transmission, its main components are all except gear plate structure, convenient processing, low cost, use common in domestic vehicles. Single arm type glass elevator it is only a lift arm structure characteristics, the most simple structure, but as a result of the lifting arm bearing point and often change the relative position between the mass center of the glass, glass lifts generates a tilt, binding, the structure is only applicable to glass for parallel straight on both sides. Arms type glass elevator it is with two lifting arm structure characteristics, in accordance with the arrangement of the arms is divided into parallel arm type levelers and cross arm type levelers, compared with the single arm type glass elevator, parallel arms type levelers itself ensures glass elevator, lift is also relatively large. The cross arm type glass levelers bearing width is bigger, so the movement is smooth, is widely used. And parallel arm type glass elevator is relatively simple, compact structure, but because of bearing width smaller, working load change is bigger, so running smoothness is inferior to the former. Rope wheel of glass levelers its small gear, gear sector, wire rope, motor bracket, roller, pulley, plate gear meshing. Drive fixed pulley in fan gear, so as to drive the wire rope, wire rope looseness of available adjusted tension wheel. The elevator parts used less, its quality is light, easy to machining, take up little space, is often used in small cars. Belt type glass levelers its movement flexible shaft plastic perforated tape, other parts also used more plastic products, thereby significantly reducing the quality with advanced assembly itself. Its driving mechanism were coated with grease, in use process need maintenance, the smooth movement. The position of the crank handle can free decorating, design, installation and adjustment. Cross arm type glass elevator is a plate, balance spring, fan-shaped gear plate, strip, glass bracket, active arm, the slave arm, guide plate, gasket, spring, crank, small gear shaft. Soft type glass levelers soft type of automobile glass riser driving mechanism for the soft shaft gear meshing transmission, has the characteristics of 'soft', so the setting, installation is convenient, the structure design is simple, and its structure is compact, the overall quality of light. Soft shaft elevator is mainly composed of window-adjusting motor shaft sleeve, flexible shaft, forming, sliding support, support institutions and sheath, etc. When the motor rotates, output the sprocket, and flexible shaft of the outer contour meshing, drive mobile soft shaft sleeve in forming, making and door window glass phase coupling system of sliding support along the support guide rail movement up and down, to achieve the purpose of the lift glass. Above is the small make up to bring the car Windows nt the category of the car Windows nt classification, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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