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by:DEFUS     2020-04-13
Master car: car maintenance 】 Car, as the saying goes, need 'three points, seven FenYang', vehicle after warranty period, there will be some trouble. Especially in the cold winter temperatures after a sudden drop, car suitable for winter maintenance? The answer is yes, car maintenance is very important. Do the following car maintenance, believe that your car well in winter. With the development of the society, we found that each family seem to have a car, but how to maintain a car is a big problem, because a lot of people really do not know anything about car maintenance, so today to tell you some tips about car maintenance, hope you can better protect your car, responsible for their own safety. 1, replace or add antifreeze, winter outdoor temperature is very low, if the vehicle to run normally, should have enough fangdongye, otherwise the water freezes, unable to normal circulation, vehicle fault happens. Antifreeze between maximum and mixed value. If the quantity is less, should be added in time. 2, early in the glass of water, in the winter, when with a glass of water before cleaning the car windscreen, in order to use high quality glass of water, so as to avoid freezing when cleaning the glass. Otherwise, it will damage the wiper and affect the driver's vision. 3, check whether the oil is enough, in winter, when the car moving, oil plays a very important role. Before the arrival of winter, you have to carefully check whether oil feet within the normal range. Let's see if it's time to changer your car engine oil. To change the engine oil can be according to the mileage in maintenance manual. 4, if the heavy snow, the car is covered in thick snow, be careful not to use a sharp tool to cut glass, especially the wiper. Don't drive before thawing, otherwise will damage to the wiper five, when driving in the winter, in situ preheat or let car go slowly, to car heating. Due to the oil viscosity increases, circulation is slow, hot car can make the vehicle's engine oil antifreeze in place, thus reducing the wear 6, adjust the tire pressure, the winter is very cold, try to let the car tyre air than summer is enough, because the tyres will be due to thermal expansion, contraction due to cold. This makes driving comfortable and safe. Winter season, care is the key, like people in the winter to keep warm, cars need more care in the winter.
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