Winter car maintenance small common sense, let your car maintenance - not afraid cold car DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-01
We all say that cars need 'three points, seven FenYang' into the cold winter is more than a day after car and how to maintain? Here to teach you a few action and maintenance tips, prolong the service life of the car, a good collection! 1. DEFUS, choose the right place to park the winter weather, strong winds, rain and snow weather is always very suddenly, to ensure that your car is not damage by temporary changes in the weather, winter park should pay attention to choose location, try to avoid the potholes moisture, to avoid water accumulation into frozen wheels. In addition, when there is ice and snow to choose the ground parking, unfavorable and parking in slope, in order to avoid difficulties and start reversing phenomenon. Avoid a hay deciduous, equipped with car more attention should be paid to the ternary catalytic device, in case of high temperature three yuan catalysts shell will be hay ignition. 2. Wiper check wipers are small, but in winter snow and rain frequently to cannot be ignored, if at ordinary times when do not pay attention to maintenance, can feel very troubling, arrives when using suggest the owner must be careful to maintain, when washing the car in addition to wash the glass window, also had better use glass cleaning fluid cleaning wiper, it will grow some wiper of the life. 3. Oil well known oil has three big functions, lubrication, cooling and cleaning of oil normal flow is an important medium to ensure that the engine is normal work. Winter to the lubrication requirement of the car is higher, if you are using the summer oil must be replaced, to use for a long time, color black, poor adhesion of oil should be replaced, in order to make sure the engine start smoothly. Automobile maintenance is normally 5000 km to replace the oil at a time. 4. Cooling system in winter car must use antifreeze, especially in the northern cold weather, most of the time the temperature below zero, if the cooling system of engine is common in the water, easy to ice, is not conducive to auto start, is almost can cause engine damage, so use in the winter antifreeze can effectively curb the ice cooling system events. So, don't forget to check the antifreeze. Different areas and different models should be paid attention to the freezing point of antifreeze and models. Pay attention to the different brand different types of products do not mix. 5. Chassis snow TianQi more, sometimes in order to melt snow and ice, as soon as possible snowploughs tend to be on the road and a lot of salt to accelerate the melting ice. Which road is equivalent to a layer of acidic liquid surface, the car on the icy road, galloping tires would obviously high water containing salt to jilt to car chassis, chassis and not do easily lead to chassis rust corrosion protection. So, you'd better spend a little time before winter, to better protect their car. Maintenance and oil change 6. Tire rubber to harden and relatively fragile in winter, not only can reduce friction system, also relatively easy to leak, tire in other seasons. In winter, tire pressure is too high, but not too low. Outside air temperature is low, low tire pressure, serious can be accelerated aging soft tyres. Inclusions within winter often should clean up the tire, avoid using more than once to mend tires, replace the wear different pattern and different brands of tires. Inside and outside the tyre wear is very different, do four wheel dynamic balancing should be regularly to the tyres, replace the tires. 7. Turning drive cornering pay special attention to avoid the inside corner of snow ice, snow and ice road is unable to avoid, must early reduction gear reducer, slowly through, can take advantage of the low number of files and engine braking deceleration, after the speed down, should be taken to turn large bending, go slow, do not turn the direction, more do not brake or idling in the bending, otherwise it is easy to occur a cartwheel. Well, today is here, and more winter maintenance knowledge of the car and car, I hope it can help the owners. DEFUS fuel injectormaintenance and oil change center
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