Xiali three cylinder engine how three cylinder engine

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Xiali three cylinder engine how three cylinder engine, please, today ( ) Small make up to bring the xiali three cylinder engine how three cylinder engine, please answer, hope you can like it. Xiali triplex engine said how small three cylinder engine, seems to be a popular thing in recent years. Its purpose is less fuel consumption and waste emissions to reach the past 1 better. 6L- 2. 4 l standard. But in fact China's road running three cylinder engine car early. Surprisingly, xiali unexpectedly brought a wave rhythm xiali original use 1. 0 l L3 engine is introduced with CB series engine. After the improvement for many times, in the xiali N3. Xiali this engine is one of the three tenors and it is on the road this engine, make Chinese people heart left a bad impression of three cylinder engine: four stroke engines designed four cylinder are very smart. A cylinder and a cylinder work, power output coherent smoothly. Less of a cylinder, directly leads to the crankshaft after rotated 180 degrees, there will be a power of 'gap year'. After the need to rely on inertia continues to rotate, a cylinder piston to walk to the check point to continue to work on. Therefore, three cylinder engine output is intermittent type, rhythm as the output of 1 second, pause 0. 5 seconds, and then the output of 1 second, and pause 0. 5 seconds. Power output of discontinuity, triplex machine become shake and noisy. Three cylinder engine please why now mainstream depot will put effort to r&d unflattering three cylinder turbo engine? Because the three cylinder engine also ta is lovely place: girls face, muscular body compared four-cylinder engine, less three cylinder engine cylinder. The size and weight will fall. Cuz he once saw on a roadside car vendor, two people take a scrap of N3 engine carrying throw them to the recycling center. This lightweight advantages can provide better control performance and fuel economy. However, due to increasing the volume of each cylinder and the cylinder diameter and stroke will be bigger, it brought more torque under low speed. Such as vw EA211 1. 2 self-priming triplex machine cylinder diameter and EA211 1. 4 four cylinder machine, same as 76. 5 mm, and the torsion performance influence rather than displacement EA211 1 stroke. 4, 75. 6 mm longer, up to 86. 9 mm, so the mass of a cylinder 1 less. 2 triplex machine actual runs low power don't find one. 4 so much. Higher thermal efficiency due to less a set of piston connecting rod and into the exhaust valve, engine friction loss less. At the same time, the crankshaft and camshaft also become shorter. These parts are engine friction loss 'investors'. Friction loss becomes indirectly improves the thermal efficiency of the engine. Smaller turbo lag behind the advantage of 'technical content is high. In a four-cylinder machine work, in order to achieve better 'breathing' effect, often open the inlet valve in advance, delay closing the exhaust valve, form 'scavenging' effect. This for and turbine, phenomenon of 'exhaust interference' weakens the exhaust air blows the power of the turbine, a certain turbo lag. The three cylinder machine due to congenital between 'combustion' and 'exhaust' will be a 'gap year'. A 'gap year' is with 'scavenging' time. Such exhaust interference phenomenon can be largely ignored, exhaust pulse becomes continuous, the accelerating effect of the turbine will produce constantly. Combined with the characteristics of big torque, triplex machine performance in low twist on better than an equivalent four-cylinder machine a lot. In addition, it is worth mentioning that three cylinder engine also bring their own innate contradictions properties. Due to a shaking of the triplex machine mainly appears in the condition of low speed, so each vendor set-up intentionally will idle speed increase, in order to avoid feeling letting a person is not comfortable speed range; But to do so at the same time, the engine to burn more fuel, has maintained a high speed. But from the side, three cylinder engine can reflect the design of a engine manufacture more skills and the ability to set-up. A few introduce below is very recommended three cylinder engine models: the above is the small make up to bring us the xiali triplex engine how three cylinder engine, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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